PSY1071 Basic Intensive Training ($649 CAD)

REFUND POLICY: According to the CCNB reimbursement policies, policy 4203: The CCNB only reimburses 75% of tuition fees if the following conditions are met:

  • The student makes his request for reimbursement no later than seven (7) consecutive days (including Saturday, Sunday and public holiday) from the date of activation of his account to follow the online course.
  • The student did not have a summative evaluation before making his request for reimbursement.

Choice Theory Online (PSYC1071) will help you acquire new learning and fine-tune knowledge while raising your level of competence in working with others. You will learn how to build and maintain supportive relationships within an environment conducive to learning. In addition, you shall deepen your understanding about mental health in the areas of business, health and wellness, education, family, and the community.

To register, please choose one of the options below. You will be redirected to the CCNB website and must confirm your selection from those listed on the right side of the webpage to continue the registration process.
Registration Deadline: TBD - BETTE BLANCE
Startup Date: TBD
Tentative Online Sessions: TBD
Instructor: Bette Blance
Time ZoneNew Zealand Daylight Time
Registration Deadline: TBD - MAUREEN CRAIG MCINTOSH
Startup Date: TBD
Tentative Online Sessions: TBD
: Maureen Craig McIntosh

Time ZoneAtlantic Time (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Registration Deadline: TBD - NANCY HERRICK

Startup Date: TBD
Tentative Online Sessions: TBD

Instructor:  Nancy Herrick
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA)